FORT WORTH, TX — On Sunday, March 28, 2021, on the property where our neighbor and sister Atatiana Jefferson died at the hands of Fort Worth Police Department officer Aaron Dean, community activists gathered together with Black Voters Matter for a voter registration drive and community-focused event. While we wish this press release could focus on the beauty of the event itself, we are faced with the necessity of calling out the racism — both direct and implicit — proliferating within the race for Fort Worth’s 9th City Council district.

City Council District 9 candidate James Darien George briefly attended the event but quickly left after it was clear that all candidates would have to speak directly on their relationships with the Fort Worth Police Department and on whether they would support independent and community oversight of CCPD funding and community oversight of instances of police use of force and police violence. Not only did George show up in a predominantly Black space focused on voter turnout among Black communities and leave before event organizers could hear from him about his relationship with FWPD and his views on CCPD oversight, but he did so even as he is actively running against Black and brown activists vying for representation on the city council.

We encourage all voters to do their due diligence in researching George’s background and we hope voters recognize this particular instance as only one form of anti-Blackness that must be accounted for publicly and openly. We will continue to hold all political figures accountable for their actions and remain committed to Black and brown communities in Fort Worth. It is past time that our Fort Worth city council legislate in defense of Black and brown life.

Jordan Mims, community-accountable activist and candidate for City Council District 9, has pledged not to accept any donations from the Fort Worth Police Officers Association. As District 9’s next City Council member, Jordan will support community-led initiatives to return oversight of the CCPD and its funding to Black and brown communities that are unevenly impacted by police violence.


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